About Es Ibiza

Those are often the first words you will hear from the islanders when you ask them what it is like to live here. Everyone has a special story to tell and their own reason when it comes to choosing Ibiza as their home. My own connection with this amazing place started back in 2011 and the love and interest is still growing each day as I keep learning from her peculiarities.

Through Es Ibiza I am showing visitors of the island "a different Ibiza" via the several experiences that I have created. Depending on the time of the year, personal interests and type of group you will receive an unique program. You can select from a choice of adventurous, gourmet, relaxing or romantic activities. 

Many visitors come to Ibiza for the overwhelming club scene and all that this embodies, but each day there are more people who are discovering a different side which they did not even know existed.

My own interest for this special place was first triggered by the mystical vibe of the island and over the years my love has grown through the amazing nature and energy you can find here. Through remote visits, going off the beaten track and following my senses, I have gotten to know a lot of beautiful spots and unique people and still today I keep discovering many new things.

Whether you are visiting the island just by yourself, with your partner, family, friends or collegues, let me help you create your own unique Ibiza experience!

You can contact me here.